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Kirrawee – White Cockatoos (3-5 years)


Our Kindergarten room offers a stimulating and engaging environment that caters for children ages 3 through to 5 years of age. Our program is designed by qualified educators to prepare children for school socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Children will develop and maintain relationships with each other through group activities. They will also have opportunities for solo activities to explore their individual interests.

Children will be encouraged to be independent with their belongings and be able to put on their own hats, jumpers, coats, shoes and socks.

Numeracy and literacy will also be a main focus with introductory writing skills, name recognition, letter & number recognition, basic mathematical language and problem solving skills.

Children will gain an understanding of healthy living through activities, cooking experiences and involvement in serving meals.

The curriculum content is based on the children strengths and interests. Through their discoveries children build the foundations for lifelong learning.